TurnItIn Error In Moodle resolved, 01/25/2019 08:10AM GMT Moodle

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01/25/2019 08:10AM GMT
Issues with TurnItIn are now resolved. Students should no longer see error messages on submission.
01/08/2019 10:21AM GMT
TurnItIn Issues (On-going)

Some students are finding TurnItIn notices when they submit their assessments to Moodle. Please note: You will need to agree TurnItIn's end user license the first time you make a submission. Other notices such as 'Resubmit to TurnItIn' do not affect your submission onto Moodle, which is completed before any steps to the TurnItIn external system, and you should continue to submit your assignment as normal (Click the 'Submit Assignment' button when ready to do so).

You will receive the assignment submission confirmation email and you will also see in Moodle that the assignment has been submitted for grading.

This is beyond our control, but the supplier is aware and investigating the issue.